The buyer, the courier and E-commerce

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July 24, 2017
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The buyer, the courier and E-commerce

It is like a circle of three points when it comes to the relationship between you (the customer), the Courier (the delivery) and the E-commerce (the supplier).

What are they?

Generally, postal and courier services are services that are assigned to carry documents, parcels or other items from one place to another quickly and efficiently, while E-commerce usually refers to the distribution, marketing, sales, track and trace online and services electronically. The buyer is anyone who makes a purchase online.

The way it should be

The customer makes a purchase from an E-commerce website, chose a courier and they courier company delivers the customer’s order. This is the way everything about the customer, e-commerce, and courier is supposed to be. Unfortunately, due to reasons like Trust, performance, inconsistencies and poor communication, the circle is not consistent.

The Relationship

The E-commerce and courier relationship plays a vital role in their survival. A happy customer is one who makes an order and receives it in the time promised and in full piece without excuses.  In order to guarantee this, there must be an effective collaboration between the online retailer and the courier service provider. This will keep the customer encouraged and willing to always buy online and in the long run, encourage others to buy online too.

The Problem

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of work to do when it comes to perfecting the circle of buyer, E-commerce and courier companies.

For instance, the e-commerce sector, though we have had a lot of companies spring up within the last few years, it is yet to establish it’s self as a major industry with high profits. The effectiveness of the sector is yet to hold as many buyers are not familiar with the sector. Buyers are still skeptic about using online retails shops with many concerns ranging from trust to security, with the many fraudulent activities going on in the internet.

Furthermore, the courier sector is still growing. Though it has seen much improvement in the last few years, there is still a lot to do in earning the trust of the skeptic buyers. Technology is making life easier than before and people want to embrace its full benefits but still, have doubts that need to be cleared.

What to do to make it the way it should be

Starting from the service providers, there needs to be a massive improvement in the provision of their services. Priorities should be made for quality services, improved customer services, a trust encouraging relationship between e-commerce, courier and buyers and a change in attitude by the customer towards online purchasing.

A good partnership between e-commerce and courier will encourage trust, build confidence and help erase the negative perception that customers have towards online purchasing. There are big prospects in both the e-commerce and courier services industries as people are trying to adapt to changes in technology.   Technology will continue to grow, and people will keep trying to make their lives more comfortable and convenient.


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