Why most e-commerce businesses loose huge sales

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July 3, 2017
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July 7, 2017
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Why most e-commerce businesses loose huge sales

Every e-commerce business owner must hear this

Did you know that when a customer is dissatisfied with a delivery experience, they are most likely never to shop from the same online retail site? According to the E-commerce Nation research, 37% of customers who shop online do not use the same online shop if they get an unpleasant experience with delivery.

The questions that need to be asked are

  1. How many customers have you lost due to this problem that you seem to overlook?
  2. And have you ever taken the time to check what happens after your delivery team makes a delivery?

According to the research, the number one reason why most people don’t shop online is that of delivery. If they can’t trust your delivery, then they would rather buy from the nearby groceries shop. Most e-commerce businesses feel that they can do the delivery themselves, and that is where the problems come from. When you are a jack of all trains, you should know for sure that you can’t be a master of any.

If you asked yourself the questions above, took the time to answer the questions very well, you would have realized that it would be better to partner with a professional delivery company. But for a few exceptions, it would be more beneficial to partner with a courier company who’s goal is to deliver.

Most local e-commerce businesses usually find excuses not to use courier companies and probably, this could be the reason why the e-commerce sector is growing at a slow pace. We live in a digital world so there should be no reason preventing e-commerce businesses from growing with increasing technology.

Technology is making people a lot lazier because they can have access to everything they need without having to step a foot out of their homes. This is one reason why e-commerce should be growing at a better pace than it is now.

Now, putting the chips together, we know that there are many online shoppers why?

  1. Because technology is providing the means to comfort and easy living
  2. Due to this, people are becoming lazier because the have alternatives.

Why is e-commerce losing huge sales?

  1. Mainly because customers are not satisfied, or customers are cannot trust This, we can verify with the research of E-commerce Nation.
  2. The reluctance of local e-commerce businesses to partner with professional courier companies.

From this, we can tell that the use of professional courier services is not a choice, but actually a necessity for that matter. Making a good choice of courier can change the current situation to boost sales for e-commerce.

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